We've several applications for sale on the iOS. Open Source projects on Github. These are detailed below.


Client dashboard for Harvest

Pastel allows your clients access to timesheet reports without requiring a Harvest license


  • All data is transferred over a secure connection, and we never have access to your Harvest email address and password.
  • We do not duplicate your data on our own servers. There is only one source of the truth, and that is the data which is stored in Harvest.
  • All data can be queried immediately as it is updated in Harvest. No need to wait for any synchronization to take place.
  • With Pastel you can give your clients the ability to get timesheet reports for all hours logged on their projects in Harvest.
  • Your clients have the ability to get reports on time spent and logged in Harvest for all their projects. From their client dashboard they can select which projects they want to report on, and for what date range. Clients also have the ability for sort and filter reports.
  • Your clients will have the ability to get a weekly summary report automatically emailed to them. This report will update them on the time spent on their projects, as well as give them an indication on the budget spent and remaining on their projects.

Banana testing

Banana Testing is a test management tool that allows software development teams to easily and accurately monitor software quality.


  • Create Test Case : Easily Create Test Case by using Markdown format
  • Run Test : Run Test All Cases with full screen mode, comment and capture screen
  • Test Report : Simple and easy to monitor software quality



Europe Alert

Europe Alert is an earthquake and volcano alert application for the European-Mediterranean region. Volcanic activity provides the current status of the volcano along with location and effecting area. The notification server consumes real-time data from seismic observation servers then sends notifications to iOS Devices within minutes.

If you are living in the EU area and using iOS Devices, feel free to give this App a try. It is Free.

Earthquake features:

  • Less than 20 minutes warning after earthquake has occurred in the European-Mediterranean region.
  • Specifies location of the earthquake (Epicenter).
  • You can see all earthquake or only for your country.
  • Localized time that the incident occurred.
  • Notification filtering by the earthquake’s threshold between 0.0 to 7.0 Richter (i.e. no notifications received for small quakes).

Volcano features:

  • Weekly update for Volcano’s activity.
  • Detailed volcanic activity and eruption information.
  • Detailed historical volcanic information.
  • Location of volcano on the map.
  • Real-time update of volcanic eruption, dust, and ash.


.NET Migration tool integrated with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

ndb.exe is a migration tool for SQL Server well suited for small development teams. It is integrated with SQL Server Management Studio and Source control. The XML output allows you to integrate with Continuous Integration tools such as Cruise Control.NET.

Why use ndb.exe?

If your development process falls into one of these categories.

  • You have team members who need to change db schema at the same time (Agile).
  • Your daily SQL Tool is SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • You don't want to deal with merge conflicts in Source Control when checking in the *.mdf
  • You have Unit Testing against database, and require to re-create the database during the setup stage
  • You use Continuous Integration

How does it work?

ndb.exe is a command-line tool which keeps version of the local database. It allows you to migrate database changes using migration scripts.
There are only two files and one folder.

  • ndb.exe - executable file which can run with /help for more info
  • ndb.exe.config - database connections file. Two environments; Development and Production
  • \migrate\ - migration scripts folder. Versioning as three numeric prefix e.g. 001...999

Haversine distance

Because Earth is not flat! Haversine is RubyGems to calculate the great-circle distance between two GEO locations.