BigData & Business Intelligence solution

At Banana Coding, Our Data Scientist and Data Engineer team able to provide a different for your business with insight analytics. The data that your business currently have. We build a sophisticated analytics out of it, though data and analytics will never replace the creative minds behind the strategic plan. It can definitely provide the management team with the tools to help perform better.

Big Data


To start using BigData, one big challenge is to setup system. Choose a provider of the storage, tools for calculation, ETL framework and Hadoop cluster vendors. Our installation service providing.

Cloud based BigData

Some organization would like to use BigData system but may not want to start a huge investment to install physical system. To start collect data whether structured data or unstructured data. We’re recommended to start small by using Cloud-based Data Lake. We’re expert on the Cloud platform like Amazon Web Services S3 or Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage.

Private Hadoop Cluster

Our DevOps team can install a private Hadoop system based on Cloudera, Hortonworks and Apache Hadoop Cluster. We’ll make a recommendation to store data (HDFS) and calculation unit (Yarn) based on a size of your data. We’re also provides a maintenance services after the installation to making sure your cluster is up-to-date and well function.


There are many useful tools around data scientist, data mining and data processing ecosystem. Big Question is what suitable to your business process. How they will communicate to each other. Our team able to provide a good implementation of Hive, HUE, Spark, Storm, Kafka, Yarn, or MapReduce. Our Data Engineer provides the end-to-end solution from data ingress to data publishing.

Business Intelligence connection

Business analyst, Data analyst, Marketer, Owner, Logistic analyst, Supply chain analyst, or manufacturing manager are mostly use Excel, Power BI, SQL command, and customer report. An amount of data produced by Big data should give them a very difficult time to understanding. Our Data scientist team provides a model and connection that easy to use. They can display, pivot and visualize data. Our data analysis tool are R, Scala, Python. Orchestration them with tools like Oozie, Microsoft ADF, or AWS Glue.


Because we understand any system cannot function without human. They’ve to maintenance a system and develop a new model that reflect current situation of the company. Our team have a great sharing mindset. We would love to share every knowledges of BigData, Hadoop and Tools with your internal team. We’re also able to conduct a private workshop training during 8-40 hours for your staff.


We’ve a very good opportunities to work with a large organization in Thailand and USA. Please contact us for more information and references.